Week 1 - Boomeraging Bags (1 min read)

So after the first few days of the Boomerang Bags idea hitting the ground the response has been huge. The Facebook feed for the idea has been fantastic and fabric has already started to be dropped off at Naked Brace in their zero single-use plastic shop.


The next plan is to meet with the team this Thursday and work out here the making stations will be. Damers School and Dorset Creative Arts have both been very kind to offer facilities that will have the equipment available. We still need ideas of where we can make so don’t hesitate to suggest - something in the heart of Dorchester would be ideal.

We understand that some will wish to make some bags at home, so to help with this we have listed a template here and can then deliver the completed bags ready for the big launch once we have the first 100 to distribute.

In order to prepare for the launch we need to start to take names of businesses interested in participating. We need a guide on how many bags you feel will represent your weekly use. We have created a short Google Sheets document so we can get in contact once we have the stock available.


Tom Amery