Boomerang Bags Dorchester with Damers First School (2min read)

Dorchester Chamber for Business hosted an Eco Conference by the Damers First School this week at the Dorford Center.


Edd Moore & Catherine Smith with the incredible help from the children were headline speakers, giving a fantastic update on the fundraising, awards, awareness development and lobbying events they have been part of over the last 12 months. The Children were extremely passionate and showed what could be achieved with support from a fantastic team at the school.


We fortunately had the chance to give the 75 strong audience an introduction to Boomerang Bags Dorchester which was brought to our attention by Edd and what made this special was we were also at the location of our first making event planned for 27th February.


Louise at the Dorford Center has kindly agreed to support the event with her time. We can host around 20 at the event and there is plenty of room for the sewing machines. We will need sewers tooled with their own machines, cutters and general helpers so please to go to our Facebook Group to join and commit to coming to the event advertised on Facebook.

Next job will be to set up more events so if you have a team that is interested, or a venue you want to offer please get in contact via the group and we will book it in. We will be making shop stands soon so woodworking skills will be needed.

Many Thanks,

Tom Amery

Tom Amery